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Lily Skyy - Author

Corrupt Magic: The Hidden Prophecy Stand-Alone Book 4 (audiobook)

Corrupt Magic: The Hidden Prophecy Stand-Alone Book 4 (audiobook)

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  • Narrated by: Dana Michelle, Chad Smith
  • Length: 4 hrs and 13 mins

Deep in the Bayou, evil is gathering...

Tasked with investigating a series of gruesome killings, the Rhapta hunters Haris and Mitra are on the trail of the Ubir Basma, who’s rumored to be lurking somewhere in the south-eastern US. But when they stumble upon a horde of rogue Ubir hiding deep in the bayou, they quickly realize that something is terribly wrong.

The Ubir have a plan for the local humans... and it’s far more sinister than Haris and Mitra ever could have imagined. As they struggle to prevent the creatures from unleashing their plot while also grappling with their growing feelings for one another, Haris and Mitra quickly realize they’re way out of their depth.

And when the Ubir catch wind of them, all Hell is about to break loose. Can Haris and Mitra contain the threat before it spirals out of control? And what will become of the budding relationship between them?

Dive into the fourth standalone book in the Hidden Prophecy Trilogy. With all of your favorite characters and a heavy dose of pulse-pounding action, this page-turning fantasy novel is an explosive read that you won’t be able to put down. Scroll up and grab your copy today...

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