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Lily Skyy - Author

Infinite Magic: The Hidden Prophecy Trilogy Book 3 (audiobook)

Infinite Magic: The Hidden Prophecy Trilogy Book 3 (audiobook)

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  • Narrated by: Dana Michelle, Chad Smith
  • Length: 10 hrs and 30 mins

* Dive into the epic finale in the Hidden Prophecy Trilogy. *

She could save their fractured race… or lead to their destruction.
The magical city of Rhapta is in chaos, and the psionic barrier that protects it from the outside world is beginning to crumble. Kinza finds herself caught in a fierce power struggle that will define the future of the Anunnaki forever. A few weeks ago, she didn’t even know they existed. Now, they want her to become their queen.

But old enemies are lurking in the shadows – and with the barrier about to fall, the Anunnaki fear humanity is on the brink of discovering their existence. All the while, Kinza struggles with her growing feelings for her guardian Zaid and her newfound friend Mikah.

Racing against time to gain the trust of the mysterious Outer Anunnaki who live disguised among the human world, Kinza and Zaid must reunite the fractured Anunnaki and win her place as queen. The fate of their people hangs in the balance, and everything they’ve worked for is on the brink of being exposed… but can Kinza find the strength to lead this magical race? Or will she crumble under the immense pressure?

As the explosive conclusion to Kinza and Zaid’s thrilling saga, Infinite Magic is a gripping urban fantasy novel with pulse-pounding action, subterfuge, and imaginative world-building. Scroll up and grab your copy now…

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