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Lily Skyy - Author

Rise of the Venari: The Rhaptaverse Chronicles Book 1 (ebook) *PREORDER*

Rise of the Venari: The Rhaptaverse Chronicles Book 1 (ebook) *PREORDER*

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Four unlikely heroes. A shadowy evil. Can these misfits save the fate of their magical race?

Five years after the new queen ascends the throne, Rhapta is thriving. As a brand new recruit for the Venari – a faction of highly trained magical hunters – Kareem is eager to harness his unique supernatural talent and make his family proud. But there’s a catch: no Venari is ever allowed to work alone, and he quickly finds himself paired with an unlikely team of misfits and outcasts.

Struggling to find his place as the unofficial leader of their ragtag group – which includes a no-nonsense rich girl, a shy boy hiding a dangerous ability, and a mysterious loner – Kareem begins to doubt whether he has what it takes to becomes a Venari. But he’ll have to learn fast, because a deadly new threat is lurking beyond the walls of their magical city.

After a string of Anunnaki fail to return from trips to the outside world, Kareem begins to suspect that something sinister is at play. And when their first real assignment ends in disaster, the team must find a way to defy the odds and learn to work together... or die trying.

Dive into the explosive first book in The Rhaptaverse Chronicles series. With a thrilling mix of urban fantasy and high-tech magical societies, The Rise of the Venari is a high-octane adventure that’s perfect for anyone who wants to dive into the Rhaptaverse. Scroll up and grab your copy now...

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