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Lily Skyy - Author

The Unchosen Ones: The Unlikely Defenders Book 1 (ebook)

The Unchosen Ones: The Unlikely Defenders Book 1 (ebook)

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Five magical artifacts. Two worlds under threat. And five ordinary students tasked with saving the universe.

The last thing Kire expected was to be running for his life. But after his bullies chase him into a hidden cave in the forest, he stumbles upon a mysterious ancient ruin with a sinister magical secret at its core.

A parallel universe is desperately calling for help – and five unlikely students are destined to become its saviors. Five magical items, each with unique powers, beckon them. Kire quickly finds himself roped into a ragtag team with his two worst bullies, a shy bookworm, and a cheerleader with a long-buried secret.

Their two worlds are about to collide. A magical book holds the key to preventing disaster – but Kire is the only one who can read it. Stuck with the seemingly impossible burden of defeating a horde of evil magical creatures and struggling to work together with his newfound allies, can Kire and the rest of the Unlikely Defenders save both of their worlds from destruction?

Step into a thrilling urban fantasy saga that’s packed with explosive action and page-turning suspense. The first book in the Unlikely Defenders series is a hard-hitting read that will delight fans of fast-paced YA adventures. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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